October 19th, 2005


Some Activity

After "work" yesterday, I went off to Splash.  They were a little overloaded - not only were there a lot more singers than there had been, but Doug had a family emergency, and was replaced by a woman who seemed to remember me - probably from the old Larri karaoke days.

Much fun.  Spent time talking with timenchanter, of course, but also valeriesparks and La Jentra.  I had to recount the latest Trudi escapades to Jen.  She thinks I should check in to BPA (Bad Psychos Anonymous).

Left around midnight, and went and hung out at Carrows.  Hadn't done that in a while.

This "morning", Timmie called to wake me up and say that JetBlue had really good fares to New York, so we now have flights.  We'll be gone from the evening of Wednesday November 9 to the evening of Tuesday November 15.

Which is 3 days of karaoke missed.  I'm going to have to see if I can get a fill-in.  Oh, sugarbare!

Just about time to get up for the day...
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