October 17th, 2005


Reely Good Shew

Tonight's show ended up being pretty damn nice.  The rotation started at 3, built up to about 13, and ended the night around 8.

A quite pleasant group.  Synthia and Jasmine showed up again, a mainstream karaoke type named Lou, Alicia was there for most of the night, Sarah and Paul, kozmic_tar, Honey...

It did feel a little odd seeing Honey without Nikki, but I didn't have time to ask.

Steven showed up at his usual time, as did supersniffles.

We had fun.
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Oh Yeah...

For anyone who might be wondering: Mischa appears to be perfectly fine. In fact, he's gone out hunting.

I don't really know what happened, but I'm glad he's OK.
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Sleeping Through

For whatever reason, I slept through the day. I mean, I was up for several hours, but sorta stared at my computer...

Around 4:30 I finally gathered up the energy to get in the shower, and headed out in search of food.

The cheese biscuits at Red Lobster continue to be quite yummy.

Then off to the bar. I set up early, and started on time for a change.

It's been a damn good Monday. The first rotation was 6 people, and it's 9 right now.

It of course helps my disposition that the lovely valeriesparks is bartending. I haven't seen her in far too long. And I managed to get her to blush, too...

timenchanter, synkitty, and Jasmine have been here all night so far.

supersniffles and Amanda's group joined us around 9:00.

So a nice variety of people and styles, and some really good singers.

I'm certainly having fun. Hell, they made me sing Groove is in the Heart again, and a good fraction of the bar danced.

We just gained dancin_whitey for a while, Steven will be here in a while, and Valerie just flashed the bar.

Life is good.
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