October 16th, 2005



So many things...
  • We've got Mischa back from the hospital, but he's not doing well. Most likely won't survive through tomorrow. We were all petting him earlier, which he loved. Purring sounds kinda weird with labored breathing. Chris is watching him.

  • Got my car back, with a new radiator. Also with a brand-spanking new grindy noise. A little worried about that.

  • timenchanter finally has his curtains up. I also have equipment for shelves and clothes rods for both his closet and mine.

  • In the midst of all that, saw Serenity with Timmie. Good movie.

We'll just have to see what the new day brings.
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Yet More

I'm back at the hospital with Mischa. He's now having periodic seizures.

Fun fun fun.
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Back From The Vet

Poor Mischa is having seizures about every 20 minutes now - and stopped breathing once, as well.

They gave us some valium to give him to calm the seizures, but that's pretty much it.

I was planning to make it to Lucinda's service (Again - and this week sounded like the music would be good, too), but I'm going to have to pass again. I think I've had possibly 3 hours' sleep so far this morning.

The bed! She calls to me!
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Well, That Was Unexpected...

I talked to Chris a little bit ago. Mischa is doing much better. The seizures have stopped, his breathing is more normal, his heart rate is down, and he's eaten something like 2/3 of a can of cat food.

He's probably going to pull out of this.
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