October 10th, 2005


So It Goes

Well, Saturday, I managed to get Mena to her Mom's for most of the afternoon.

I also got my dad's scanner to work.

Then I headed home and hid in my room.

I had a text message conversation with Trudi that, well, here it is:

Me (10/8 8:10 pm):
Hey-just got back home with Mena. Still a little shell-shocked from your display this afternoon, & kinda thinking it might be best to let things cool for a bit.

Trudi (10/8 8:32 pm):
Who's shell shocked?

Me (10/8 8:33 pm):
Me, dear, me. Mena may be too, but that's up to her.

Trudi (10/8 8:39 pm):
when u say ur shell shocked and stay away due to an issue that I was disturbed about after saying u were ok, it makes me feel like u r trying to spite me for mena's sake and to b vengeful . I need u to come talk to me in person .

Me (10/8 8:43 pm):
I'm not trying to be vengeful. It's just the more I thought about the situation, the more uncomfortable I got.

Me (10/8 8:44 pm):
We *do* need to see each other, and we *do* need to talk about this sort of thing - and either reach a common ground, or realize a relationship just won't work.

Me (10/8 8:44 pm):
But I'd like to stop shaking first.

Trudi (10/8 9:03 pm):
Don't mean to b a bad influence but wud u like some fries with that

Me (10/8 9:10 pm):
The fries are fine - I can always deal with the fries. But I've *never* liked shakes.

Trudi (10/8 9:12 pm):
that's a good answer.

Me (10/8 9:14 pm):
And true, too...

Trudi (10/8 9:18 pm):
Yes u r right my greek god of love

Me (10/8 9:20 pm):
Uh, yeah... That's me, Eros, putting another new twist on "love is blind"....

Trudi (10/8 9:21 pm):
that's ok I got the deaf & dumb part

Me (10/8 9:37 pm):
Not goin' there.

Trudi (10/8 9:38 pm):
awww that's too bad.

Trudi (10/8 9:44 pm):
For someone who claims to not like being macho you sure are doing a good job of being that way

Me (10/8 9:45 pm):
I like how hiding in my room, depressed and shaky, is an example of machismo.

Trudi (10/8 9:49 pm):
now u know how I felt while I was assaulted in the kitchen by mena when she was drunk.

Trudi (10/8 9:53 pm):
I never said I wud b nice to someone who assualts me

At this point, I stopped reacting at all. No-one had ever mentioned anything about assault, or even much about attacks. I assume she was talking about Mena "attacking" her with the news that her and I had had sex while Trudi was off with her entertainments.

Sadly, this fits quite well with the way Trudi gradually twists things.

Ah well. Got some sleep, and just hung around my room until time for the latest house meeting.

I'm not even going into that.

Shortly after the dust settled, timenchanter and I took off to misswong77's classroom to help her and trivialt with her grading.

On the way, we stopped to drop off a couple of movies Trudi had requested (Yes, there was a little more communication). I forgot I was wearing my "I Only Date Crack Whores" shirt. This didn't improve Trudi's disposition...

Spent a nice few hours in Lucinda's classroom. I did my work, while she, Timmie, and Stanley graded papers.

From there we headed to the show, which has been extremely pleasant, tonight. Definitely a good night - winding down now, but still fun and energizing.

Actually not winding down that much - I've still got 13 people in the rotation...
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A General Call

I've been tapped to go back up to my parents' place and help with general chores around the house - mostly moving some heavy items, possibly some paint prep.

I've been asked to bring friends. timenchanter is already coming.

So if you're interested in seeing the dome, perhaps a little hiking in the Santa Cruz mountains, and don't mind some light chores, let me know.

My mom promised to provide dinner for whoever showed up. Since she's a gourmet cook, this is quite a worthwhile offer. Timmie will vouch.

It's roughly from noon onward, this Saturday, the 15th.
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Facing Tiny Portions of the Music

I'll hopefully start to feel better shortly. I've accomplished two things today, to the extent that they're accomplishments.

I now have car insurance with GEICO, for a huge amount of money, granted, but 1/3 of what CSAA wanted from me. I'll deal.

I've sorta, kinda, talked with Trudi. She wants to do "mediation", and is willing to set it up. I'm seriously curious as to what could simply be mediated at this point, but sure - at the least, I want to see how she wants to define parameters.

That's not really the accomplishment. The accomplishment is pointing her at this blog. She's been invited to peruse. That took some courage.
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Ya Win Some

I'm here at Suicide Karaoke. There are a total of 6 people in the bar, 5 of which are singing.

Sigh. I had a conversation with bluize before starting - we'll probably drop Mondays at the end of the month, and hope that Thursdays and Sundays pick up.

That's the way the cookie crumbles.
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