October 4th, 2005


Floating On

Not a lot to say. Last night's show was cancelled for lack of singers. I hung around from 8:00 until 9:30, and would have started to shut down then, except I got involved in a nice conversation with neo83.

When I did start shutting down, the two singers of the evening showed up: supersniffles and Janis. By that time, of course, it was a little late. Cindi was still tired from her double shift, anyway, so she left after just one beer.

I had a nice conversation with Janis, which is always a plus. I'm sorry I didn't get to hear her sing, though...

Today's been, well, a workday. I got to my staff meeting the usual 15 minutes late. Trudi wanted to come over and use my computer, so I left my room door unlocked, but she didn't seem too pleased about the concept of having to have Mena let her in the house. Oh well.

The boys are off to be choirboys right now, and I'm sorry I can't witness it - but Tuesdays I try to make up for all the flaking I do the rest of the week.
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