October 1st, 2005


False Starts and Dead Ends

Last night witnessed my return to Clam Chowder Fridays. In attendance were myself, misswong77, timenchanter, Bjorn, and Trudi. We had a pretty good time. The chowder and the service were both excellent, in contrast to recent experiences.

Lucinda and Bjorn did kind of get heavily into the whole teacher thing, but that's normal when members of a closed group get together. Ask anyone who's been at a table with two engineers.

Then off to bed at some unreasonably early hour. Trudi needed to get up early and work on papers, as she had mediation class today.

Today has been, well, strange. A couple of vivid dreams about the world being a façade, for one thing. The heartwarming one about the two serial killers getting a second chance at love was just waaay too disturbing.

Then nothing during the day seemed to quite connect right. Amazingly, I'm not insanely disturbed by all this. It's just, well...

Went to CostCo. They had none of the items I was looking for. Had a hot dog there, which conflicted with the lunch Trudi later wanted to take - which I ate anyway - which conflicted even more with the spaghetti her mom insisted we had to come over and get.

Today was Desirée's birthday. Trudi and her could barely manage to get on the phone at the same time. Apparently, while we were at Trudi's mom's place, Desirée called to invite us over - but we didn't get the

Instead, we headed off to Palo Alto to try and see Mirrormask. Got there 20 minutes too late, and decided to try for the Berkeley showing. Halfway to that, discovered that the timing for Berkeley wouldn't work, either.

So we came back to the house, and tried to get in contact with Dez. By the time that actually happened, Trudi was essentially in bed - and arranged for a dinner tomorrow that I, of course, won't be able to

In addition, I recently discovered that Trudi's got her last day of mediation class tomorrow, so she can't make Lucinda's church's service, which would leave me facing the wild christians in their lair, on my own.

Not what I'd normally term a "successful" day. But it had its fun elements.
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