September 29th, 2005


Tell The World To Stop Spinning

I'm definitely not feeling well. Mostly on the dizzy side of things. I've gotten basically no work done today.

Of course, I also got Trudied again. She came over to use the computer (OK), was talking about maybe grabbing some Pho for lunch (OK), and maybe picking up a check (Well, Okaay...).

As I was getting out of the shower, I heard that she was supposed to meet a guy with a truck at 2:00 to help her move the last of her stuff out of her storage. Things started to shift into the "not OK" range about then.

Tool that I am, I helped. I was panting and trying to figure out which way was up by the end of it, but she's moved out of her damned storage locker.

At least I did something for me, too. I've gotten a copy of my driving record. The DMV, of course, doesn't do anything reasonable like put the actual point value on the record. It looks, though, like I've got a total of 6 points over the last 3 years, so when I lose the latest ticket, I'll still be OK as long as I don't get another one before September of next year (Or December, depending on whether items drop off based on violation time or conviction time).

So I can still drive. Just veeeerrry carefully. Now all I need to do is find insurance that's cheaper than a $35,000 bond.

Meanwhile, Her Trudiness decided to have a small jealousy fit. She asked if I was dating anyone else, which is fine. It was the "not believing the answer" part that amused me. I suppose I should have just said yes - she might have been able to deal better with that one.

I just think it's hilarious that little miss ultra-faithful is worried about my behavior.

So anyway: Holly! Apparently we're fooling around! Don't let anyone know, OK?
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Sad, But Not Surprising

The governator vetoed AB849 today.

This is pretty much what I was expecting, but one could always hope. It looks like gay marriage equality is delayed for another year.

I never could figure out why anyone would vote for the idiot, anyway. But, hey, a whole bunch of moderates did, and this is what we all got.

I'm spending way too much time being ashamed to be American, lately.
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