September 27th, 2005



I'm sitting in my weekly staff meeting - the first time I've been into the office in a week.

Which might explain why I kinda went off on Trudi yesterday. Probably not enough, mind you. Also too much - I'm responsible for my own time.

I already have a strong tendency to play around when I should be doing work. With Trudi involved, it gets near impossible. She somehow manages to always have an enormous list of things that need to be done now.

Not that I don't - it's just that mine get put off for weeks. Like dealing with my insurance, or getting my car fixed.

The work I got done yesterday happened while she borrowed the car to do a 20 minute interview. That gave me 4 hours' worth of free time.

At least I got the shopping done that I've been trying to get to for two weeks. The cats finally have food...

Today I'm apparently tasked to order the textbooks she forgot to get to yesterday, as well as get her to class this evening. Joy.

On a completely different note, last night's suicide karaoke was a blast. There weren't a lot of us - I didn't even get started until about 8:45, when timenchanter and Paul showed up, giving me 4 singers. Of the 10 rounds we went through, 3 were those original 4.

The rotation then "ballooned" to 8, including Trankenstein. Yes, a full night of Trankenstein.

There were several reasons it was so fun. For one thing, the group there did its damnedest to drink for the larger group that should have been there. I did my best to help, in that dancin_whitey's Nutty Russians were doing quite a job on me.

For another, everybody started picking songs for everbody else. This started when unbreak_able and orpheusnyc phoned in "Conga" for me. I had Timmie call Debbie during the song, so we did our first coast-to-coast karaoke broadcast.

wavewarrior and Paul then started picking out songs, mostly for myself and Matt. Matt started giving me "revenge" songs.

We got very silly. It was one hell of a good time. I ended up driving Chip home. Timmie apparently slept a good part of the night in a booth.

Good times.
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