September 26th, 2005


Another Faire Day, And Aïda, Too!

The concept, yesterday, was to get to the Faire around noon, spend four hours, then head back and prepare for Aïda. Reality, of course, reared its ugly head again. First Dez wasn't awake, then, of course, we all needed some food (We ended up at a coffeeshop called the Evergreen Inn. Quite the dive. Good food. I'll probably go back). To just top things off, Trudi had to get some sundries at the store next door, which somehow takes half an hour in and of itself...

In any case, we made it to Faire at about 2:30.  And, of course, had a pretty damn good time.  I extended our time there until 4:30, just so we'd have at least two hours to run around in - again.  Didn't run into anyone else I know, but did manage to get one hug in from the Tamale Girl as I was leaving - just as a matter of principle.

We had exactly enough time to get Dez home, clean up, and head back out for the show.  We rode with timenchanter, who was fresh back from his first Folsom Fair experience.  Strangely enough, we got there before cekyr0 and jeffercine, but not before k_magic and trivialt, who I did not expect to see there at all.

The show was very well put together, especially for a small theatre group.  I can't say I'm thrilled with the piece itself.  You know something is a little over-the-top when Timmie, Timmie, of all people, complained that there were too many songs.  I have to agree.  Especially since at least half of them were not what I'd call memorable pieces.

Still, quite a well put-together show.  A lot of scenes were completely stolen by spawrhawk, who, when he wasn't trying to look grim as a warrior or conspirator, was busy being comic relief.  He was indispensable to the bathhouse scene, which apparently didn't originally include him at all.

It was amusing to me that not a single Nubian was black.  I understand completely - one can only cast what shows up for auditions.  Still, it was funny that pretty much every genetic group on the planet was represented except black.  Nubia, home of the rainbow coalition!

Also, the guy playing Zoser (the hero's father) was flaming so hard we were afraid the stage would catch fire.  Obviously an arranged marriage.

I was also amused to learn that Jefferson and Alex had never heard of the opera on which the show was based.

Timmie, Trudi, and I then went off and grabbed some dinner at Mini Gourmet.  Then, sleep.  OK, sleepish.  I'm still tired, because I was tossing and turning all night.  Also, stressed about the amount of work I'm not doing while going to fairs, driving Trudi around, reading webcomics, and posting to LiveJournal.  So I'll stop this post now.
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