September 20th, 2005


My Usual Schedule

Got up Monday 5ish when Trudi did, grabbed some breakfast, got her to work, then came back home and finished up the work I was supposed to get done Saturday.

That took until about 10:30. Packaged it up, emailed it out, went to sleep.

Woke up around 3:30. Checked the email - supposedly things "didn't work". Rechecked the tests, asked some questions, never got any responses.

Picked Trudi up from work - took her to a scooter place so she could price them, then Popeye's for, uh, "lunch".

Came home, showered while she surfed, then dropped her off at EVC for her 6:00 class.

Home for a bit, then off to the show - grabbed some food on the way, to tide me over.

Set up the show late, which wasn't too serious. Started out with myself, Effie (Who's learning to bartend), bluize, and Tim.

The show never got too busy. Better than the end of Sunday, but still, pretty slow. Just to make sure I was too busy, had my laptop set up, and reworked some tests during lulls.

Sarah and Paul came in for a couple of hours. Mitchell brought a group of friends in later, and kozmic_tar showed up towards the end of the night.

timenchanter showed up at the very end of the night after his hot date, and I gave him a song. Closed down around 1:00.

Talked to Kris for a bit - we're probably not having the show this coming Sunday, since it conflicts with the Folsom street fair.

Got home around 2:00 with a couple of Jack-in-the-Box tacos. Finished up the tests I'd been working on, verified them, and shipped them out around 3:30.

Slept until 9:00 this morning. got up, showered, and rushed off to the 10:30 staff meeting. Got there at 10:45, again.

And that's where I am right now, in a remarkably alert state. I'm assuming this will change shortly.

Now if I could just resolve the communications issues I've got with John (The guy I'm mostly writing tests for).
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No Karaoke This Sunday

I'd already mentioned it, buried in the middle of a recent post, but I just got confirmation: We're not having karaoke at the bar this Sunday.

Whatever shall I do with a free night?
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