September 15th, 2005


Hello, World

Made it up to Alameda, and had a nice sushi dinner with Stuart&Frida, followed by watching Imaginary Heroes.  Interesting little film.  I'm normally not into character studies, but this one was pretty good - and also kept me guessing.

Then back down to the south, with a nice stop-off/visit at supersniffles' place.  She's always fun to visit, though I was so tired at that point that I kept nodding off standing up.

I finally made it home, and decided I'd just sleep until I'd had enough.  I was woken by some ComCast guy at the door, who seemed disturbed that I didn't mind him cutting off the cable that was never fully installed in the house anyway.  Chris will just have to deal, I guess.

I'm starting to actually come to life, now, and dealing with the concept of actually having slept.  Odd sensation, but not unpleasant.

Shortly I'll remember the whole "work" thing, and probably want to go back to sleep...
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