September 13th, 2005


Positive Suicide

Monday's show turned out to be a lot of fun.

It didn't start out that way - dancin_whitey and I were the only two people in the bar until about 8:30.  I even had my laptop set up, and was paying bills when people started to trickle in - first Maggie, than dwo, of all people!

While it never got what you'd call crowded, we ended up with a nice little set of parties.

Chip showed up, and was soon joined by Aurellia, Veronica, and a couple of guys.  I don't think I'd seen A or V since Baycon, and much fun was had - Aurellia and I had periodic tickle fights during the night, and Veronica, just before leaving, got her revenge for my lifting her at Baycon, and actually lifted me off the ground.

spawrhawk came in with a bevy of cute drama-girls he's been secreting somewhere, and they all got drunk, sang showtunes, and danced around.  Other people get intimidated by good singers - and all of these girls were between good and excellent.  What always gets me, though, is people who can spontaneously throw together a good-looking multiple person dance routine.

Mikey is apparently the main cause of David's being there, for which I'm grateful.  Mikey's is dealing with a personal problem in his own way, and I'll leave it up to him to share what it is, or not.

Monday's the day that supersniffles can spend the whole night, and she almost did.  She was delayed in coming in by some barbarian sports event or other.  Her company was still much appreciated.

valeriesparks was there for a couple of hours, which is always a great thing.  Given the crowd, she only got to do a couple of songs, but she still looked like she was having a good time.  She had to tell me that her mother was quite pleased with the show on Sunday, and apparently compares the whole experience quite favorably to Splash.  I can't say I was amazed at finding that anyone related to Valerie had good taste.

And, to top it all off, Matt made me this awesomevariation on an Amaretto sour involving Frangelico and Vodka. Depending on how reliably I can get it, it may become my new standard drink.  Cindi was far from pleased when she tried it, but then the look on her face was rather similar to mine when I try beer...

Definitely a fun night.
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