September 9th, 2005



This morning I got the "please don't make me go to the shelter" bit. Oy.

I haven't really said anything one way or the other. There is the fact that a lot of her stuff is in my room, and it didn't occur to me until early evening that she can't get in. I told her about this - without too much of a negative reaction.

Got some work done. Not much, but some.

Had another clam chowder Friday with misswong77 and timenchanter. Great company as usual, and would have had a better time if the soup hadn't been cold and the waiter had been competent.

We did our best to compensate with retail therapy.

I'm now sitting outside the Vibe at KoC. It's, well, nice, and I've had some good conversations. But I seem to be a tad distracted...

But I do have to say - valeriesparks in just a pajama top. Rowr.
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