September 7th, 2005



After work last night, I rushed home, scooped up Trudi, and made it to Oakridge just in time to see Wedding Crashers.

I have to say I liked it. It's of course a romantic comedy, but in a slightly unusual way. And I enjoyed seeing Christopher Walken get to play something not creepy for a change.

Though, of course, romantic comedies generally seem better when you have a cute girl hanging on your arm...

We had a late dinner at BJs afterward, with all the attendant lame puns.

Today I had a long talk with her. Not the long talk I need to have, but still, it was illuminating. It's hard to say which is the cause and which the effect, but a lot of her present behavior has to do with the church she's presently attending.

Which puts me in an interesting position when I disagree with it. We had a loooong talk about homosexuality after she played their webcast on the subject. This particular church is about a level 2: God loves all people, but homosexuality is still a sin.

After his "no credible evidence that homosexuality is genetic" comment, I started citing studies. Couldn't help myself.

Ah well. It's just hard to complain about something that's also, to all appearances, keeping her relatively stable. Church-going Trudi is a huge improvement over the Tweaker Trudi model.

And it should be noted that she's obviously quite aware that fornication is also a sin, which doesn't seem to diminish her enthusiasm too much.

Speaking of which, I've gotta get some sleep sometime...
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