September 6th, 2005


Nobody Here But, Well, Us

Monday's show was, well, close to nonexistant.  I think the maximum of the rotation was 8 people, and that was everybody at the bar - before they started to drift off.

Just not what you'd call a high-energy night.  But, hey, what did I expect for Labor Day?

supersniffles came and hung out all night, which was fun.  Maggie was there for the whole thing.  We saw some of hollyk, dancin_whitey, wavewarrior, James, and sugarbare.

Ah well.  Had some fun.

Right now I should be working on the demo I need to do tomorrow for the staff meeting.  I seem to be heading in the direction of sleep, instead...
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Whee! I'm Important!

I got something around 4 hours of sleep last night, so I could get up early and have things ready for the meeting this morning.

Of course Trudi called for a ride around 7:00, and then Mena wanted a ride around 9:30. I did a relatively gentle job of saying "no".

I managed to fight my way through traffic (At 10:00am? What's wrong with this area?) and made it to the meeting with time to spare.

Not only did the meeting go well, but they started using the scripts, and I've been helping them track down bugs all day.

Stuart is pleased - my finding bugs during development is precisely why he hired me. And three serious bugs were found the first time a script was run.

Now I get to see if they'll let me go home...
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