September 4th, 2005


Grimm Times

Last night Trudi was supposed to come over and have dinner with myself and Mena. Mena wasn't feeling social, so Trudi and I took off, had some quick Quizno's, then saw Brothers Grimm.

Cute movie. I can see where some people would find all the little fairy tale tie-ins a little excessive, but I liked them.

Besides, it had a generally good plot, had some interesting things to say about the relationships between brothers, and kept me laughing almost continuously.

It also had some truly beautiful visuals.

Trudi then, well, slept over, which was nice in a very scary way. I really don't know how to deal with these emotions. I haven't spent a night cuddling in so long, and I know I'm in a pretty needy emotional state.

On the other hand I honestly do have feelings for her. It would just help if she weren't crazier than a loon on crack. And it would help me if she weren't acting so damn together right now.

An odd side-effect is that I've now had too much sleep. She sleeps early, and I fell asleep again after she left. It feels more than a little odd.

As I write this, I'm at my parents' house, trying to "fix" my dad's PC. His Compaq Easy-access button program doesn't always start properly. Of course, he doesn't use the matching Compaq keyboard.

"Computer-literate" does not describe my parents.
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