September 3rd, 2005


Clam Chowder and Unconsciousness

Had another great clam chowder experience last night.  This time the players were myself, misswong77 (Of course), timenchanter and k_magicunbreak_able and Eddie even joined us remotely for a little bit, which was extremely cool.  They were apparently having some drunken revelry of their own.

Tim excused himself a little early, in part I think because he was weirded out by the rest of us spouting non-stop Spaceballs quotes.

That broke up around 10:30.  Timmie headed off to KoC, and I headed home.  I've been mostly sleeping ever since.  I was supposed to go up to my parents' place today, but I fortunately didn't tell them that.

I just finished getting cleaned up, and am about to head out to dinner with her Trudiness.  That should be interesting, one way or another...
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I have a fairly major visual artifact right now - present in both eyes, so it must be back in the cortex. Basically a rough ring has sort of a black and white moving zebra pattern superimposed on the background.

It started out as a button, which has expanded.

I'd be more concerned if this hadn't happened to me before - it's just the last time, I was in high school.

It was followed by the mother of all migraines. I've taken some ibuprofen, which generally tends to help those for me. We'll see.

This should be - interesting.
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