September 2nd, 2005



Yesterday - and especially last night - ended up particularly pleasantly.

Last night's show was at a very nice balance - we went through 5 rounds before the night was out, which meant everybody got to sing, but it was still crowded enough to make it a good party.

valeriesparks came in her "close encounters with Playboy" outfit, which meant high wedges and a skirt that wavered on the edge between mini and micro. Very nice.

spawrhawk brought in his cast, which was really cool. One of them, Keite, has an amazing voice. This bodes well for Aida.

stormmonkey came in, and proceeded to get pretty drunk with Maggie, which was interesting to watch.

Alicia is apparently now relationship-free, and so can spend more time at the bar, which'll be fun. She never signed up to sing, but I was told to suicide her anyway - and she seemed quite happy to oblige.

timenchanter spent all night, which is always fun. His only problem was trying to calm Jorge, who's suffering from severe electrichobbit withdrawal.

Afterwards, Timmie, supersniffles, and I went out to Denny's, where Cindi and I talked, and Timmie had a much-needed nap.

Today I got up latish, actually paid most of my bills (It's been over a month), had lunch with Timmie, deposited some rent money, mailed the bills, and crawled into work by midafternoon.

I'm being productive now that I'm here, but I'm also falling asleep. Either it's the concentration, or the deep internal desire not to be here.

On the other hand, I just put in my invoice for August, and even with reduced hours, the amount is very nice.

And now I need to call misswong77 and coordinate clam chowder consumption.
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