September 1st, 2005


Drifting Along

After some extra talking to SBC, they'll be coming out to the house tomorrow to try to figure out what's going on.  I'm starting to think it's their modem.

Hoping, actually.  If it's something of mine, I'm going to have to pay for the service call.  And right now, I'm looking at that extra mortgage to pay for my car insurance...

More Trudi interaction today.  Mostly her fairly standard lack of preparation schtick.  She started training at the Capitol Target, and discovered that she had to have a red top when she got there.  Somehow I imagine she'd been told that already, but hey - she borrowed one from Mena, and I ran it over to her.  Then all her rides fell through to the Hillsdale/Camden Target, and I took her over there.

And then offered her a ride back later.  I was heading up to Alameda, and figured it wasn't far out of my way.  Unfortunately, she forgot her backpack at the store, which meant another trek back and forth, plus quite a bit of waiting in the parking lot.

And in all that, I mostly had a great time, because she was being good company even when stressed and irritable.  Dammit.

I got a call up here from Mena, who was weirded out because Trudi called and apologized for being short with her.  Apologies are not a standard item in Trudi's repertoire.  Either she's really sucking up, or this new church of hers is having more of an effect than I'd expect.

I made it up to Alameda, and had the standard incredibly pleasant dinner with Stuart and Frida, then we all hung out and watched CNN.

I've been zoning out into the internet since then, and am about to crash up here for the night.  Waaay too tired to make it back home.  Besides, I don't have to confront as many feelings up here.

Stuart mentioned another startup possibility.  We'll have to discuss this further.  Not that I've done all that great with the present one...
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Back On The Air

I spend the morning talking with Frida, catching up on things, talking at length about her favorite subject - sex, then rushed down here to try to catch the SBC guy.

He fiddled with things, ran some diagnostics, was unable to get a signal through, then hung on hold to the mother company for about 40 minutes.

He was apparently a house technician, and needed a street cabling tech to come out and find out what was wrong further down the pipe. That guy was supposed to show up tomorrow by 6:00.

Shortly after he left, I started getting a response on my firewall, though it took until I thought to reboot the firewall before the rest of the house network came up (D'Oh!).

I have no idea if they fixed something remarkably rapidly, or if the SBC guy removed enough grunge from the contacts to get a signal through, but either way, it works now.

Yay! I can feed my addictions at high speed again!
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