August 22nd, 2005



Last night was a lot of fun. We actually had a crowd in there for a couple of hours, and attrition was partially slowed by others arriving late.

Some new faces, too. We keep on getting those, lately - I'm not sure exactly how. The advertising budget isn't.

Last night we had Karen and Janice, both good singers (Karen verging on the excellent).

The quote of the night was Karen coming up to me and asking "Excuse me, this may be the stupid question of the century, but - is this a gay bar?"

Meanwhile, I'm back at work, and trying desperately, as usual, to stay awake - or at least not snore. My continuing problem is that the "propped up looking like I'm considering the screen" thing kinda falls apart when the screensaver pops up...
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    What Is This Feeling? -- Wicked