August 16th, 2005


What a Night!

That was, I think, the wildest show I've done.  There weren't a lot of us, but we had fun.

I've now been flashed by sugarbare in every possible way, which was more than a little pleasant.  Of course, at the same time kozmic_tar was trying to take my shirt off...

I tried to close down at 1:30.  After being offered a nipple - and dammit, I should have taken her up on that - I did one last round, and we finished at 1:55.

Also frustrating.  It doesn't help that Mena and I haven't been able to schedule anything that works for weeks.

Gods, I'm horny.
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So It's Finally Hit

I woke up incredibly late (Around 11:00, I think), after sleeping through 2 alarms. I then tried crawling through the process of getting to work sometime.

I think it was 1:30 before it finally occurred to me that I was more than just tired. The flu/cold thing that's been going around has finally caught up with me.

This probably helps explain how I got quite as silly as I did last night. Ah well. 'Twas fun either way.

Fortunately the job isn't tied to particular hours - or even being there. I'll just need to get to a point where I can focus...

I went and got the garage rent from Mario, which kinda cemented the concept. I really shouldn't have been on the road. A definite danger to both myself and others, I was.

Hopefully this won't last too long.

Pause for station identification...

Oh yes. That feels much better. Actually being home while the baby is napping has its extremely nice points. Also the Wife of Indra is a lot more comfortable than I'd expected - I'll have to keep that in mind for the future...
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