July 26th, 2005



So Trudi's out.  While I was passed out yesterday afternoon she moved everything out - and to all appearances, just her stuff.  Mena was supposed to oversee, but apparently most of her overseeing was hearing Lajosh tell Trudi not to take something in the distance.  I knew there was a reason I only delegate to that girl in emergencies...

I crawled out of bed and got to the bar at 8:00.  Of course, there was basically no-one there at the time - myself, valeriesparks (Training as a bartender), bluize, and I think wavewarrior.  Kris wanted to talk about the previous night, and with that and general dragginess, I wasn't set up until about 8:40.

By that time there were a few people in the bar.

It was a fairly lethargic night, especially for me with the lack of sleep, and the temperature in the DJ booth.  Still, didn't go too badly.  The second round was something like 16 people.  That died off somewhat quickly as people went home to sleep, but I closed off at just before 1:00 with just 6 rounds.

I was surprised at how few people skipped their songs, since I didn't think I was doing the best job in the world selecting them.  That was cool - I believe I even found a relatively "do-able" song for Maggie to sing that I hadn't given her before.  That's getting hard.

I got home to find the back door open and the front door unlocked.  Mena's making a bit of a habit of this.  Sigh.

Slept a bit, and was elected again to get Mena to school, which is the only reason I'm conscious at this hour.  Or at least simulating it.  Think I'll stop now.
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