July 25th, 2005



So I tried to end the show a little early last night.  In fact, I did - about 10 minutes.  Except it was Gretchen's birthday, and she wanted to sing some more, so she tipped me an exorbitant amount of money, and we started up again once the doors had been locked.

Me, bluize, chargerboy, Gretchen, Kristi, and Kristin.  I just threw the songs on as I got them for about an hour.  Towards the end I was suiciding Gretchen with raunchy hip-hop.  It was fun watching what she did with it.

Ended that around 3:00, went home, wound down, and ended up going to bed at my usual 5ish, prepared to get up at 9:00 and move some more of Trudi's stuff out.

Except I was volunteered once again to get Mena to school at 7:30.  So I did that, tried to sleep some more, failed, ended up moving a lot of boxes downstairs, and was still awake when Trudi got here at 11:00.  And told me she'd be back after grabbing some lunch.

So the moving started around noon.  At least she seemed relatively sane.  Unfortunately, while she showed up with a van, her "movers" turned out to be her mom and some friend of her mom's.  Neither of whom have much upper-body strength.  They loaded up what they could in the van, then headed off to find a storage unit - her mom had volunteered to hold onto some stuff, but hadn't know how much there was.

That was around 1:30, which gave me almost an hour nap before heading off to pick up Mena.  Still haven't heard from them, but I'm not gonna deal.  Mena's supposed to watch them when/if they get back, and I'm gonna sleep until showtime.

Good afternoon, and good night.
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