July 19th, 2005



timenchanter showed up after work, and napped while I showered. Then we took off to Taco Bell with Gretchen.

I dropped off Gretchen at home, then headed to the show.

Last night was, well, slow. unbreak_able was bartending, so it was automatically a good night, but we never had a lot of customers. It wasn't terrible from a rotation point of view - it stayed around 8 all night - but those 8 were the sum total of the people in the bar.

Still, 'twas fun. supersniffles showed up, with firestrike and maddr in tow. So Matt has now experienced my bar.

Emily showed up after a long absence. That was nice - she's crazier than a bagful of loons, but sweet, and I always have some low-level worrying when I haven't seen her for a while.

And of course, quite a few other people. That was one thing - people kept coming and going. While the rotation never got large, there were 18 singers over the course of the night.

Close up around 1:00, then had a relaxing supper with Debbie and Steven.

Got home, collapsed in a heap, then came out here to the body shop. They've been working on the truck for about an hour and a half, now.

My only problem now is my laptop crapped out after only an hour of runtime, and the local power outlet is of the "looks connected" type.

Good thing I brought reading material.
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