July 12th, 2005


Yet More Pleasantness

Monday, during the day, just dragged on.  For one thing, the Attack of the Sampler Platter continued throughout most of the day, so sleep wasn't much of an option.

Probably why I got to the bar a little after 8:00.  On most Mondays, that would mean there might be 3 people in the bar.

So of course, this time, there were 5 or so just to start - with more coming in.  I set up as quickly as I could, but still wasn't ready until 8:35.  And then the night got going.

Monday was actually pretty busy.  About twice as busy as Sunday.  bluize, in her wisdom, decided to let unbreak_able take over for the "dead" night.  Which worked out just fine - everyone was happy, including, from what I saw, Debbie's pocketbook.  I've noticed Kris has an uncanny knack for dropping out when tips would actually be worthwhile.

The rotation stayed at about 17 for most of the night - with the usual drop-off around midnight.

I was trying to fit Steve in, when I just ran out of time at about 1:47.  Well, time and Debbie's overstrained patience.  So I closed down, and myself, supersniffles, Debbie, Steve, Kendall, Maggie, and a girl named Vanessa took off for the usual Denny's fest.  I avoided the sampler platter this time.

Not a lot after that.  I've been in my room, surfing, sleeping, and cursing at the development board surge problem.  Which really comes down to this:  It's not vitally important if the board itself reboots periodically, but it's a problem if this happens in the product, at least if it happens with distressing regularity.  It depends to a fair extent on continuing data collection.  I don't particularly care if the device dies during a blackout, but being unable to deal with a cheap UPS is a real problem.

There's always something.
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