July 11th, 2005



I dragged myself out of bed, through a shower, and off to the show.

Which turned out to be incredibly nice.  It never got above 13 people in the rotation (In fact the first 3 were about 8 people), but it makes a huge difference which people they are.

Talking to bluize at the end of the night, bar sales were definitely in the acceptable range, so all is good all around.

This was my second night with dancin_whitey as the main bartender, and I'm pretty sure I can learn to like that.

Finished up around 1:20, closed up in a few minutes, then went out to Denny's with Kendall, Steven, Eddie, Eddie's "interest" Paul, and Maggie.  I spent most of the meal talking to Maggie, who definitely does like to talk, but also had some interesting things to say.  I actually ran into a situation where it was difficult to follow what she was saying, but then I don't understand most people when they have their mouths full.  It turns out her birthday is tomorrow, by the way.

Headed home, and got a call from timenchanter, who had been busy on his own project while we were all at Denny's.  He was driving home, and dead tired, and needed a conversation to keep him awake.  Not a problem, though by the end we were making each other yawn...

At home, I was reminded why I don't eat the Denny's sampler platter.  I haven't gotten much on the order of sleep.  This worked for taking Mena to school (Thought I'd give Timmie a break), but hasn't been much fun otherwise.

At least taking her to school meant I had to bite the bullet, and wrestle the ladder out of the back of my car.  I know how I got it out about as well as I know how I got it in:  Not at all.
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