July 5th, 2005


That Was Different

The idea for the morning was to keep unbreak_able company while she worked a holiday shift at the hotel.  She started at 7:00.  I got out of bed around 8:00, but didn't get going until 11:00...

In celebration of the day, I wore my French flag t-shirt.  It's red, white, and blue, and at least they respect international treaties...

Had the usual fun time hanging out with Debbie.  Her shift ended at 3:00, at which time we went out to CPK for lunch.

We both then headed off in nap directions.  I, of course, found things to take up the afternoon other than napping - picking up Mena, for one thing.  I got maybe an hour in, dragged myself out of bed, showered, sped on down to the bar, and got there at 8:00 to find it closed.

According to bluize, sugarbare was supposed to open.  However, Kris got to - and was not exceedingly pleased with the fact.

I got everything ready to go by about 8:40, and started by about 9:00.  There was, of course, not much of anyone there at that point.  Myself, Kris, Gretchen, Gretchen's girlfriend Kristi, and Maggie.  nikari and swanhart walked in after the first rotation.

A little while later, mr_seed and valeriesparks came in.  Apple had a box of American flags left over from an event he'd done that day, so everybody got one.  Things were starting to pick up a bit, when they hit a few snags.

First, Kris decided - and posted - that she was going to close the bar at 11:00, no matter what.  That pretty much discouraged the few people we had.  Second, we all went out to watch the Shoreline fireworks from the corner (A particularly good display), which completely interrupted the flow of the show.  Third, James was (surprise, surprise) throwing a competing event at Gay Melrose, and both his group and the people from the bar met up on the corner - and headed off to his party.

I went back inside to finish off my remaining 40 minutes or so.  Will and Carol-Ann had come in, so I got him to sing a couple, Gretchen did a few more, electrichobbit and twitchet came in for a bit to say hi, and Tabby did one song.

I finished up, and started shutting down, when Kristin and Kristi suddenly decided they were willing to sing.  So I reopened everything so they could do a series of Dixie Chicks songs.  As a result, I got better tips than I normally get on a Thursday, so I wasn't complaining.  Besides, it's always fun getting new people addicted to singing...

I was going to just close down and get out, but I ended up in my usual long conversation with Kris and Kristin, while Kris worked on her mural.  The only thing that pissed me off is that we talked until 1:00, and she could have just damn well stayed open.  They were still there when I left.

I dropped by James' to see if the party was going.  If it was, it was damn quiet, so I just took off.  I called justnate on the way home to see if his party was still going.  Apparently, it hadn't ever particularly started, and he'd given up on it - but at least we had a nice talk as I drove home.

All-in-all, a nice day, just not what I expected.  Paula got short-changed, but that's about the only person who can seriously complain.  I got to spend a large part of the day with Debbie, and spent some time with other people I like.
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Political Spam

Just thought I'd post a message from the MoveOn PAC:

As you probably heard, Sandra Day O'Connor just resigned from the Supreme Court. This is an extremely important time for our senators to hear from us. They need to know that we are counting on them to stand up to President Bush and protect our rights -- because with a moderate like O'Connor stepping down and a far-right like Bush making the nomination, well, the stakes couldn't be higher. The Terri Schiavo tragedy showed us all just how far these people are willing to go.

MoveOn PAC has already started an emergency petition, and we're looking to get 250,000 signatures and comments to the Senate before Tuesday -- which is when rumor has it Bush will announce his nomination.

I hope you can take a minute to join me in signing this petition, so our senators know that, in what might be the fight of our lives, we need them to do what it takes to protect our rights.

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