July 4th, 2005


Home Research

I got up early yesterday (Well, earlyish) so that timenchanter and I could seriously look into the whole paint and flooring thing.  This involved mostly some pricing, and bringing a whole bunch of swatches home, and going over them with Mena.

We also measured every room in the house, and now I need to convert those measurements into actual wall and flooring area figures - preferably today, before the paint sales dry up.

In the process, we discovered the flooring price we were looking at was different than what we remembered from the Home Depot in Mountain View, so we went up there to check.  Same price.  Of course, while we were there, Ikea was, well, right there...

So we were walking into Ikea when trivialt called Timmie, apparently feeling a little lonely, and discovered we were almost next door to him.  So the three of us wandered through Ikea.  This wasn't completely random - With the hardwood flooring, I'm going to need a fair number of area rugs.

Had dinner there, and then headed over to the bar to set up.

The show last night was actually pretty positive, almost despite exterior drama.  I gather Gay Melrose is, well, being a gay Melrose.  Once I figured out the one thing that might concern me wasn't going on, I pretty much ceased to care.  xtina_satanica was also pretty unhappy - I don't know why, though I can suspect.  We did what we could to cheer her up.

On the happier side, kshandra came and played all night, as did Albert.  Timmie was, of course, stuck there, and took full advantage of the fact.  mr_seed and valeriesparks were there for most of the night - in fact a reasonably large number of people came in, and most stayed fairly late - one of the advantages of today being a holiday.

Eddie decided to have me suicide him out of nikari's envelope.  This turned out to be quite an amusing mistake.  I was nasty enough to keep doing it after he told me to stop...

Afterwards both Timmie and I were exhausted, but also hungry, so we headed over to Denny's, where we were joined by Kendall and Steven.  Then I dropped Timmie off and headed home to bed.
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