July 1st, 2005


That's More Like It

I napped some more in the afternoon, then crawled out of bed in time for the show.

mr_seed needed a ride, so I picked him up and headed off.

While I can't say the night was incredibly busy, it was still, on the whole, busy enough.  The rotation got large, but not huge - so people got to sing.

And what can I say?  Any night that contains unbreak_able and valeriesparks is going to keep me smiling. It was also the first time supersniffles has been around for a while, and 'twas great to see her.

Last night was also jeffercine's birthday dinner at Buca Di Beppo.  Since I couldn't make it, they packaged up some of the leftovers for me to take home, which is great (I just ate a large fraction of them), but a little bizarre.  I mean, it's absolutely the first time I've been given a present for not showing up at someone's party...

Closed the show down, had a nice talk with timenchanter and bluize, and headed home - then chowed down while Mischa deigned to keep me company.  He rather insisted on coming into my room when I got home, and then proceeded to inspect every inch.  In fact, he cleaned off the end of one of my sets of drawers in typical efficient feline fashion.

But he's decided to move on, and I'm stuffed, and bed is, I think, in order.
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Well, THAT Fits In More Ways Than One...

I am The Fool

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Soup and Salad

Had a very nice late lunch with unbreak_able, dancin_whitey, misswong77 and spawrhawk.

Debbie and Lucinda apparently have a thing for Cheesecake Factory clam chowder.  We pretty much all had a bowl - or their idea of a "cup".

It was, well, good.  I've rarely run into a bad clam chowder.  Not particularly on the excellent side, though I may have been influenced by the fact that it was a fresh batch - the potatoes hadn't really fully cooked yet, so the texture was a bit off.

Aaaanyway.  A fun time, mostly watching people reminisce about high school.  It's funny - even 6 years later, I was hard pressed to remember any names among my classmates.  These guys were going on about who they had crushes on - well, "these guys" being mostly Mikey and Lucinda.
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id·i·o·syn·cra·sy Pronunciation Key
n. pl. id·i·o·syn·cra·sies
A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

List 5 idiosyncrasies of yours:

1. I am instantly absorbed by any video screen in my line of sight, no matter what it's showing.

2. I have total suspension of disbelief when watching a show. No matter how bad the story, acting, or effects are, I'm there. As a result, I tend to avoid horror movies, though I have had friends take me to some and set popcorn on my lap, just to see how far it would go.

3. I'm a compulsive reader. I read as much text as I can. The only time I tailgate is when I'm trying to read someone's bumper stickers.

4. I take the longest showers in the known world, apparently because I zone out while standing under the water (They don't feel long to me). Friends have been known to plan their day around when I'll make it out of the shower.

5. I'm a multitool whore. I won't get particularly thrilled about the average device, but show me a combination blackhead remover/nose hair groomer, and I'll start to get chills.

From here, I'll tag:
1. timenchanter
2. supersniffles
3. electrichobbit
4. swanhart
5. trivialt
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Oy. Tweakers.

When I headed home today, I got a call from "She" - she wanted to grab some more of her stuff, and needed to get into the house.

That was fine, I let her in, talked a little bit, and left her going through stuff in her room.

I was in my room, surfing away, when I noticed the connection was down. So I went downstairs. She was busy yanking interesting-looking items off the system. Mostly loose cables from the last time she dismantled a computer from that area, but also the wireless receiver for the downstairs main computer keyboard - it "looked like the one she used to have for her mouse". The fact it was connected to a different computer was apparently irrelevant.

True enough. She once had a Logitech mouse - it went with her Mac when she sold it to her brother.

She's apparently still on this kick of wanting to put together computers. Which is fine, and I may even help her, though she'll have to come down quite a bit first. But I really don't like her scavenging all her spare parts off of my systems. Silly me.

I had to go through everything she'd scavenged, figure out what I needed to put back. I did let her take a few things I'll probably eventually need.

It appears all the cables that connected the downstairs stereo components are in a pile, as well.

It of course took her forever to figure out how to cart her stuff off, as well, while both Mena and I hovered, trying to make sure she didn't pull something else.

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