June 30th, 2005


Meat and Miyazaki

Did my usual sleep all day bit, punctuated by a bit of soldering - I now have a remote reset for the development board Rube Goldberged together.  It's actually not so bad, but it involves some X10 modules I had hanging around the house, and the X10 protocol always feels something like "When you press the button, it releases a mouse through the power lines, attuned to the particular cheese set up at the receiver.  If there are no distractions in the wiring, and the mouse doesn't get lost somewhere, the receiver will turn on".  The cheesy plastic construction doesn't help.

With all that, I was actually late for dinner at timenchanter's place.  Well, later than I was supposed to be.  My timing was relatively impeccable - dinner was hitting the table as I walked through the door.  electrichobbit had made an impressive pile of spiced meat skewers, accompanied by sweet corn on the cob.  I only ate three more than Mark, who only ate two more than Timmie...

Afterward, we watched Nausicaa, which Timmie had never seen, and I had never seen completely end-to-end.  Fun movie, very Miyazaki, very Japanese.

Then I took Mark home to a slightly over-secured Moffett Field (We had to wait in the car 10 minutes while they verified he was who he said he was), and then a quick visit to Adrenochrome.  Quite a dead scene, but I had a nice few conversations, especially a  long one with sugarbare.

Then home, where I discovered a whole new range of eBay shopping I could do.  Sigh.  I'm obviously going to have to go cold turkey - the weaning myself off of it bit just ain't working.  That kept me going until about 7:00am, when I forced myself into bed.
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