June 28th, 2005



Spent a lot of the day napping either in bed or my chair again.  When I wasn't asleep, I was working on my latest pet project, which is a remote reboot switch for the development system.

This is one of those silly useless things I get myself stuck on to the point of obsession.  Granted, if I want to develop remotely, there has to be some way to remotely reboot the development board.  From that point of view, it's a good idea.  If one considers that I'm almost always at home, and haven't done any true development for months, it starts to look like a pretty stupid concept.  But I'm going to have to follow through just to get it out of my head.

At least there's the fairly realistic hope that I'll do some development just to test out the new toy...

Got myself up pretty much in time to get to the show when it was supposed to start, which wasn't a huge problem, since the only singers were myself, dancin_whitey, and Maggie.  I had everything ready to run by 8:10, but didn't start the show until nikari and swanhart showed up around 8:30.

The night stayed pretty slow.  Had some people come and go.  unbreak_able and Eddie stayed pretty much all night, which is always welcome.  Kyra came in late and sang a few songs - I always hope she'll start coming more often.  In general, though, it was the usual, of late:  Extremely slow, but we had a lot of fun.

Closed down about 1:00, then talked with bluize until 2:00, when we both took off.

And I'm back at Carrows - playing around with remotely printing stuff at home.  We'll see if it worked...
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