June 25th, 2005


Really Big Shew

I crawled out of bed just barely in time to get to my dental cleaning.  It's certainly a different way to start the morning - and my main problem was the "morning" part of that.  I got a lot more rest than Thursday, but I was still pretty out of it.

Got out of that, did lunch with timenchanter, then went and did some "me-time" shopping.  Electronics, of course.

Then off to the theater, to see if I could help out.  Mostly, no.  I did manage to point out one thing to jeffercine that he didn't know, but mostly I just tried to stay out from underfoot.  After a couple of hours, I gave up on being helpful, and went out to do some more retail therapy...

I headed back to Mountain View in time to catch dinner with timenchanter and electrichobbit.  We ended up at Kamei, where I tried the teriyaki tofu because of Mark's comments.  Quite good.  Then off to the show...

"No Sleep Till Brooklyn" was awesome.  I've gotta say to anyone who missed it:  Ya fucked up.  Of course the experience was not at all hurt by sitting next to the lovely and scrumptious valeriesparks...

Just for one, unbreak_able's poetry/dance piece was amazing.  I think the poem should have been in the program, though...

Anyway, after the show, we all went off to KoC, except for Valerie, who headed off to her boy (Sigh...).  I'm not sure I've ever seen that many rounds of shots ordered.  I didn't participate beyond the first round, because I was really starting to feel the exhaustion - and I was having a bit of a black period, too.  So I took a few walks around the block - I hate being a downer.

Still, had a fun time with Honey, xtina_satanica, and Jeffrey outside on the bench, and it finally occurred to me I could trance out in a booth for a bit.  That took the edge off, which was kind of vital, because of myself, Mark, and Timmie, I was the only one in any condition to drive.

After closing, I took them off to Denny's in a fairly vain attempt to sober them up.  Not that I should complain - I got nachos out of the deal.  So I dropped Mark off in the NASA complex, and then went back to the bar, exchanged cars, and drove Timmie and Fawkes back down here to my place to Timmie could sleep on a couch, and still drive to see his boy in the morning - which he's hopefully done/doing.

In the meantime, I can sleep some more - and that's what I'm gonna do.
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I learned when very young to build myself masks.

Masks for love, masks for hate, masks for peace, masks for war, masks to hide the scared one inside.

Humans can be very cruel, and more often than not, make no sense. I wanted armor, protection, safety.

But the masks are built of me, and become themselves.

There is no armor, there is no safety - just a choice of who gets hurt, and what gets cut.

And the lingering question of where, in all this futile search for safety, I ever expected to find love.
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Memorials and Weirdness

I seem to be slowly working up to a state of merely "tired", but in the meantime, I find myself attempting to sleep, but getting up at odd hours and doing odd things instead.

I got myself together enough to head out to hollyk's sister's memorial service on time.  This was, of course, the one time timenchanter was running late and made me wait for him, as opposed to all those times I've done that service for him.  However, one white-knuckled ride later, I was in my car and heading back down to the service.  I was being cut off from behind by this one particularly irritating car, let it pass me, and discovered as it zoomed on that it was Valerie and James.  James then called me to ask for directions.  When we were done with that, and I was no longer distracted, I passed them, and went on my merry way to the park ("Try to keep up with us", Hah!).

The service was very nice, in fact a bit short.  Hopefully it wasn't too obvious that a group of us non-christians weren't chanting along with the rest of them...

Holly's family mostly seemed to be very nice people.  I'll just allow the one catty remark:  The last time I saw her best friend's husband's mullet, I was watching Joe Dirt.

Afterward, cekyr0, jeffercine, electrichobbit and I went off to the President Restaurant for lunch:  A very nice Chinese Buffet/Mongolian BBQ place near my house that I really should go to more often.  Good company and good fun, as always.

Then I took Mark back home by way of Weird Stuff Warehouse.  Used electronics geek heaven.  I hadn't been there for years, and was looking for some used equipment.  They didn't have what I was looking for, but man, do they have a lot of junk.  We had a blast walking through the rows.

Then up to my parents' for dinner.  They really want to work on trying to get the police report changed on my telephone pole encounter, and looking at it, I see why.  So I need to do some map work for that.  Joy.

My dad also ripped into me about my weight, which is admittedly much higher than I'd like.  Of course, that was before they fed me the extra piece of salmon and the strawberries with whipped cream...

A nice visit, though, somewhat marred by my inability to stay awake.  So I headed back home, and I'm about to crash - hopefully for a decent length of time this time.
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