June 22nd, 2005


Various Dramas

So another day without much on the order of sleep, for no particular good reason.

Well, first my network sort of came crashing down around my ears.  I thought I'd try to VNC into my desktop from the laptop again, just to verify - I've been a bit nervous, because my whole remote development concept revolves around that desktop staying up.  It didn't work.  Then when I tried rebooting everything, I still couldn't get in, and the remote serial setup stopped working at that point.  It was odd - I could connect out of the desktop, but not in.  A range of other things sometimes worked.

Anyway, the sort of thing that keeps people who do admin up, even if it's a home network.  That kept me going until around 6:00, when I ran off to timenchanter's to wolf down some fast food and then fly up to the Cinemasaver theaters to see Hitchhiker's Guide.  A little difficulty prying Timmie out, mainly because he's so worried about Chris, and all he can really do is sit around and hope some info comes up.  Not fun.

The movie, however, was fun.  I can see where some people would be upset, but I thought the general spirit was there, and it made me laugh.  I could have done without the "thinking cap", and a few other spots were a little weak, but the whole point of the series was always a particular form of black humor, and that, I believe, was properly preserved.

Back to Timmie's, where I set up a wireless connection for him, so he could pirate bandwidth until his connection is up later this week.  I am evil, and it's fun playing with the morals of a gay man in need of crack, uh, internet bandwidth.

I was playing with the whole home bandwidth thing through VPN, when Mena called to say she was elsewhere for the night, and had left "She" at the house.  After some recrimination, I went immediately home.  No "She", but various downstairs windows were open, and the back door was unlocked.  But nothing appeared missing.

So I stuck around, and played with my network problem.  I really don't know why, but the network stabilized when I forced the access point to 1mbps only.  Other speeds didn't work - in fact didn't work with my laptop, even though it was sitting right next to the access point.  So now my main infrastructure is limited to a slower speed than my DSL connection - but it works!

Napped out in my chair, and woke up to realize that I didn't have anything in the recycle bin - and dawn was here.  So I rushed out and filled it with several cardboard boxes that have been cluttering up my room.  Just before the truck got here - the first time that's happened.

So I'll take that as a good omen.  And should climb into my coffin shortly...
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