June 21st, 2005


No Sleep Til Mountain View

Went out to lunch yesterday with timenchanter.  I probably shouldn't have - I didn't actually get into bed until around 9:00am - but food sounded good, and so did the company.

And of course I then headed off to shop at Fry's, rather than try to head back for a little sleep before picking Mena up (Her school is back is session).  Didn't find what I wanted at that store, and was going to check another one, but I spent too much time window-shopping, and had to rush back for Mena.

I tried then to sleep a bit before the show, and I actually got to bed, but spent most of my time responding to posts and emails...

So I was a little groggy last night.  I think I hit the wrong button and killed people's songs in the middle twice (Sorry, guys!), I didn't hear Sarah turning down a song at one point, and I think I did the single worst job of picking songs for people I've ever done.  I had a blast...

And mostly, so did other people, so no harm, no foul - I hope.  A guy named August, who's apparently a major karaoke addict, came in, and had to tell me I had one of the best sound systems in the south bay.  That was cool, especially with all the stuff I get from apex about how crappy the sound system is...

After the show, went to Denny's with James, Eddie, and unbreak_able.  James spent a lot of it doing his Maggie impression, which I'm honestly getting tired of.  I don't know what the bartender experience is, but I've never had a worse problem understanding her than anyone else.

OK, getting bitchy.  Post ending.... Now.
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A Little Late

I just got two emails from Acer repair, both telling me that my laptop had been received, and that I'd get another one when it shipped.

Good to know. I've had it back from the second repair order since May 12th...
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