June 19th, 2005


Up the Hill

My parents required my presence yesterday, so I pulled myself together and headed up into the mountains.  timenchanter had the time, so he went with me.  I swear they only find needed chores around the house when I take him with me...

Had the usual excellent dinner, talked for hours, then headed back down.  Dropped Timmie off at home, then headed to my place.

Turned out "She" was here, and looking through her stuff.  Mostly to separate out her and my things.  She couldn't take too much with her this time, since she was on a bicycle, but she did hand me a fair number of movies.

Dozed in my chair for a few hours, then finally got myself to install the new firewall.  After days of procrastination, it of course installed without a hitch.  This is mainly amusing because it took a fair amount of effort for Stuart to get his to work.

So now I'm of course still up, since I spent all night doing incremental changes to the firewall configuration.  Fun times!
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