June 17th, 2005


Shopping and Stuff

Frida really wanted company yesterday.  So I hung out with her for the afternoon.  We did some shopping at Target, so I have some of the necessities for the house that I've been putting off buying for a week or so.  After we got the basic stuff, we separated so she could shop for schlock separately - and the next thing I know, she's bought everything.  I thought I was the one who pulled stunts like that...

She's actually getting a therapist!  I'm very happy about that - mostly in that she's recognized that she needs to deal with more than simply a chemical problem.

Packed everything in the car, and headed to the show.  I got there on time for once (Despite Oakland traffic), and set up early.  The show had an interesting energy - hard to describe.  All I can say is that I started it feeling exhausted, and ended feeling pretty energetic, so all was good.  It certainly was not one of those standing room only nights - it was a little slow, still, but busy enough, and those who stayed all night got to do 6 songs.

Will, Carolan, and Gary -- an older group that does, well, older songs - came for the second time, and plan to make it a habit, which is great in a number of ways.  Variety is good.

Several people showed up that I hadn't seen in a while - at least at the show.  Angela, Marc, Liora, Yasser and others I can't remember right at this moment.  That's always cool, especially since Yasser stayed all night.

The main negative of the night is that someone apparently stole unbreak_able's cigarettes.  She was particularly not happy, and I don't blame her.

After the show, did another Denny's run, this time with Steven, Kendall, and mr_seed.  Had the usual rollicking good time, then I drove Apple home, and collapsed in bed.
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