June 15th, 2005


Encounters of the Sith Kind

Did lunch with timenchanter (Shagun), then decided to do something to get out of the house.  I finally decided on Valley Fair - it makes for a good walk, and there's people and color.  I believe I pretty much "did" the whole mall, including wandering through the gadget stores.  Towards the end, I was musing about a silly product concept (Sharper Image does that to me), when I gradually realized my name was being called.

'Twas the lovely and enchanting cmjfoxfyre, who apparently saw me marching past her store.  So I got to visit with The Carla, which is always a good thing, and to take a look at her store.  It looks like very good quality stuff, though too too cheerful for my tastes - I'm still an angsty teenager at heart.  Still, it's good to know that not everyone is.

I was about to leave when I remembered there was a closet space/storage store just outside the mall, and headed over there.  I think I may finally have found a decent solution to the problem with my walk-in closet, which would be cool.  I tried to put a box on one of the shelves tonight, and it just slid off...

I was going to get the car washed, but Mena called to say Robin was visiting, so I headed home and hung out for a while.  That was fun.  Much better without the crank.  She seems to be doing better and better for herself - now if she could just drop the abusive boyfriend addiction...

I was trying to figure out how to procrastinate further when Timmie called with the perfect solution:  Revenge of the Sith.  So I've now seen it, and can at least claim partial geek credit - though not full "opening night" points.  For all five people out there that haven't seen it yet:  It's a pretty good movie.  Much better than the crappy job he did of episodes 1 and 2.  At least here, most of the time, Anakin seems to have a reason to be a whiny bitch.

Still, we probably disturbed a few people.  That movie is funny, one way or another, throughout.  At least to myself and Timmie.  We were laughing, or giggling, almost continuously.  I mean, the droids make little "Agghh!" sounds when they're cut down - come on!  Still, we appeared to be the only ones in the theater that felt that way.

We had dinner at Maggiano's afterward.  Not bad at all.  Disturbingly large portions of excellent food.  I still feel full now, about 9 hours later.  On the way in, ran into rapp81 and some friends.  Definitely the day for unexpected encounters.

I've now actually managed to do a productive thing or two (The development system is up!), and am about to attempt installing the new firewall.  Unless I fall asleep first...
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That's Just Overdoing It

I've dealt with the little Honda Civics with the erector-set aftermarket spoilers, but...

I just passed a Toyota truck with a spoiler.
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