June 14th, 2005


The Light! It Burns!

So I got the truck back to jeffercine, and Mellie back to Mena.  When I parked the truck at Jefferson's work, I walked into the sun - and my right arm immediately started to hurt.  Not my nose - I figure the nerve endings are just gone, there.

After reuniting mother and daughter, I came back to my room to find it hot as hell, and my computer beeping - to tell me it was hot as hell, of course.  I put on the air conditioner, and after a couple of hours, the room managed to move to more purgatorial proportions.  Even now, with the window left open all night, it's still warm.  Not too surprising.  My family room downstairs is 80.  I've got the house fan going, in the hopes it'll pull in some cooler air before the morning.

Anyway, I futzed around, then headed to the show.  Got everything set up and ready to go, then went and talked with sugarbare outside, because we were the only two people there.  After around half an hour, swanhart, nikari, and unbreak_able showed up, and I had enough of a group to actually start.

It stayed a pretty slow night.  We had a few minor groups come in, but it was again one of those Mondays where I'm not sure the bar broke even.

Had a lot of fun, though.  supersniffles came in fairly early, and spent all night.  Emily came in for a few hours, with some of the most interesting makeup.  She apparently had been doing some kind of photo-shoot with an ex-girlfriend.  She made me the excellent compliment of declaring that even when she was feeling on the violent side of grumpy, I always made her feel calm and happy.  She also left without getting roaring drunk, which I was very happy about on my side.

A relatively obnoxious drunk named Terry came in.  It's hard to tell what was going on with him.  He was obviously drunk, but there was more.  Perhaps, as he said, it had something to do with being Irish.  Friendly enough - in fact too friendly.  We all breathed a sigh of relief when he climbed in his taxi and left...

Just before the end of the show, Cindi finally convinced justnate to come in.  He's been hanging out a lot at the Office Bar, apparently because of some PYT that goes there.

After the show, Cindi and I went to Denny's, and had a good conversation until she told me to go home because my eyes kept closing.  And here I am.
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