June 13th, 2005


Suicide, In Its Many Forms

I had to be back at Pride well before 11:00 to pick up my stuff.  I went the 10:00 route again, because that gave me some more sleep.  Not much, but more...

I had to argue with the stage guard (That pass doesn't let you in here!) just to get to it.  cekyr0 apparently had the same problem later in the day.  Mena was with me again.  Sigh.  She wants to be my girlfriend.  It's nice having someone who actively wants to be with me for a change, but, well, there's a whole level of connection with her I just don't feel.  It was comforting having timenchanter, later, act concerned that I might be serious about her - it's good to know my reticence is not just me trying to fuck myself up in new and interesting ways.

Since we were there, well...  Pride wasn't quite open, so we walked off looking for food, found a Subway, then wandered over to the parade.  I love the S.J. Pride parade.  It's got such a small town feel - I keep waiting for the gay Shriners and their tiny cars.

Then back to the festival.  And the first priority - buying me a new hat.  In the rush to get out, I'd forgotten mine in the living room.  I'm not sure why I bothered.  My nose seems to sunburn perfectly well in ambient reflected sunlight.  I think I just need an air-conditioned Darth Vader suit.

We of course spent waaaay too much of the day.  But we had to wait for Alex to sing, which took forever, and there were always new people to schmooze with (Got to meet neo83's kids).  Also many, many, many cute lesbians in revealing outfits.

We didn't get home until 5:00.  I did my best to do a quick nap and shower, but between that, checking for Mena's phone at Splash, and dropping off diapers for Mellie at Yasmin's, we didn't even get to KoC until 8:00.

Which worked out fine.  Timmie was there, and Scott got there (He was a little screwed over by the wait), but the bar was otherwise pretty empty as Timmie and I set up.  This was very fortunate - with reinstalling everything, it took me until about 8:40 to start.

And about then, people started showing up.  It gradually turned into a fairly busy night, which was surprising.  Effie was celebrating her birthday - it's not until later, but she'll be off on the road to Europe by then, on her 3-month tour.  The Pajama Game cast came and hung out all night.  Alex and jeffercine also showed, and stayed until much too late for poor Jefferson's bedtime.  Kendall brought the most marvelous peanut-butter cookies with chocolate.

More and more people are asking me to suicide them - generally out of their envelopes.  It's cute.  It's also fun.  Last night Effie did full suicide; Alex, Eddie, and nikari had me suicide them out of their envelopes; and I picked Timmie's songs at the end of the evening.

I made the mistake of not limiting Mena's tab.  The cost isn't so much what bothered me - but the whole turning mildly stupid and throwing up bit was a little much.  After I parked the truck at home, it took me a few minutes to convince her we were here, and she could sleep in a bed...  Kinda reminded me of someone we all love that I won't mention.

And now I'm just waking up to a new day that's almost over.  I need to get myself together, slather on some more aloe, and get moving...
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