June 10th, 2005


Downs and Ups

The day started on a fairly sad note - bustymcboob called me to tell me her grandmother had just died.  I spent a fair amount of the early afternoon on the phone with her.

On the other side of the coin, unbreak_able had some spare time in the afternoon, so we hung out some more.  I tried to spend more time in the shade this time, with some success.  I'm only lightly toasted.

The show was, well, interesting.  The rotation stayed pretty small for a Thursday, as did the crowd.  People are probably saving up for Pride.  Phyllis, one of the winners from Dars, came by to find out what the system she'd be singing with Saturday would be like.  She may be out of luck, there - I still haven't gotten anything from the Pride committee.  Apparently I must kick some ass tomorrow, or find myself a useful ass-kicker like James.  I need my pass, at the least.

Anyway, it was a fun night, small(ish) rotation or no.  What we had was enthusiastic.

After the show, James, Eddie, and I went out to Denny's.  Ran into one of the guys from Alpha Phi Sigma, and his date - someone who just graduated from James' high school.  An odd thing - "She" was president of Alpha Phi Sigma at the time, and behaved, well, pretty sanely right then.  Kind of a sad memory at this point.
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