June 8th, 2005


A Social Butterfly's Work Is Never Done

Got up before noon, and started, well, communicating.  At one point I was composing emails while holding two simultaneous text conversations.

Now if I could only figure out how to get paid for stuff like that...

This continued off and on into the afternoon.  Frida called and asked me to come up today (She really wants me to stay through Thursday, which I may do).  What with one schmooze or another - as well as little things like voting in the S.J. special election - I didn't get going until after 5:00.

Got up here in Alameda around 7:20, which was later than I'd said, but apparently 10 minutes after everybody else had gotten here.  So I had a nice dinner with Frida, Stuart, and their friend Mary.  Actually, another one of Frida's "I'm going to stuff you silly" dinners.

From thence to the hot tub.  Not quite what I'd been thinking off, but sometimes you just have to take one for the team.

Meanwhile, apparently "She" and Lajosh showed up at the house and actually packed up and took some more of her stuff.  This is a good thing.

Now I should get myself to sleep - I need to get up and go to court tomorrow, and try to convince a judge to let me have more time to complete traffic school.  Let's just say it's a silly situation.
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Ummm, Help?

As most of you should know by now, I'm running the equipment for the inter-bar singoff this Saturday the 11th.

This is all much on the cool side, but I have one teeny problem: I no longer have a van. I'm sure I could fit my disc collection into my car if I had to, but there is simply no way I'm managing the equipment rack.

I can always rent a van or pickup, but I was wondering if someone out there had a vehicle whose use I could borrow.

I need to be able to load up the equipment from KoC around 6ish on Friday, unload it at Pride around 11 on Saturday, get it back in the vehicle sometime between 4 and 7 that afternoon, then get it all to KoC as soon as can be managed after that.

Given the "store overnight" aspects of the situation, it would be best if the vehicle had a closed top, but I'm not insanely picky.

So. um, please?
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