June 6th, 2005


Breakfast in the Hamptons, and a Dead Night

I crawled out of bed slowly yesterday.  I think I was able to get myself together by about 1:00.  Then I headed back to cekyr0 and jeffercine's, where a remarkably energetic timenchanter was busy cleaning things and cooking amazingly yummy omelettes.

They were re-watching Dress to Kill, so I think I've now seen and comprehended 99% of it or so.  It was quite amusing catching all the jokes interspersed between the ones I remembered from Saturday night.  Apparently I was nodding off more than I thought.

Headed back to the house, and got ready for the show.  "She" and Lajosh showed up shortly before I left, and were pestering Mena for (1) the new combination to the front door, and (2) permission to stay.  I didn't even see them, but passed on a solid "no" for both, which apparently stuck - they're not here now.

Then off to the show.  Which, from a business point of view, was pretty dismal.  I ended up doing 12 rotations before shutting down at 1:00.  bluize wanted me to finish at more like midnight - so much that while she got initial drinks for Steve and supersniffles when they showed up at 12:30, she refused to sell either of them another drink.

I believe the largest rotation was 8 people.  I sang 12 songs, Maggie sang 12 songs, and various other people came close.  Mike W. finally found a night where he could sing more than a single song, and that after 2 hours.  unbreak_able and Eddie were there for most of the night, and asked me to throw Broadway suicide songs at them, in honor of the Tony's.  When Timmie came in later, they convinced him to join in that.

So we definitely had fun.

After the show, the bar sans Kris went out to Denny's - that being myself, Timmie, Debbie, Eddie, Cindi, and Steve.  On the way, as I followed him (We'd been racing to get there first), Timmie's right front tire blew out, and he had to drive into the bushes on the Mathilda off-ramp.  The closest place I could find to park was the Denny's parking lot, so I stopped the car and ran back - to find he'd gotten himself back on the asphalt, and that everyone else in the convoy was parked around him.

So we all stood and held flashlights, or gave advice, or generally acted silly while Timmie changed his tire.  A CHP officer saw all the cars and wondered what kind of pileup he was going to have to deal with.  When he discovered the situation, he asked if we worked for CalTrans - something about 1 worker and 5 supervisors.

After getting the spare in place, we had our usual good time at Denny's.  When all was done, I trailed Timmie home to make sure he stayed OK, then here to bed.
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