June 2nd, 2005


'M Gettin' Better

Another day spent doing the sick thing. I honestly believe I'm a little bit better. At least my left nostril no longer acts as a downspout, and I can go for minutes at a time without coughing. Sometimes.

I made it together long enough to get Mena home from school, which is a good thing. I also had a conversation with "She" that went roughly in the nature of "Yes, you can leave stuff here for a while, no, you can't sleep here". She swears up and down that she's mere days away from getting her housing in Santa Cruz. For her sake, I hope that's true.

Otherwise, I've mostly spent my time digging through webcomic archives and napping. Whee!

I just hope I'm well enough in time for the show tomorrow night. They're not much fun to do when you're coughing, I can tell you. They can be quite amusing with laryngitis...
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