May 19th, 2005



After dinner last night, Stuart, Frida & I watched "Ray". Not bad, and the music was of course excellent.

Frida rather insisted that I sleep over, and I was pretty tired, so I did for a change.

Frida's on another downward swing, and she refuses to seek therapy, so timenchanter and myself are elected as amateur therapists and confessors.

At least Timmie's taken courses, and plans to do it professionally...

She's a great person, and fucking brilliant. It's painful to watch her when she goes into these spirals. Especially when you feel there's really nothing you can do to help.

So now I know things I really don't want to. I suppose a fairly light burden for a good friend.

She wanted me to stay up there another night, but I had the show tonight, and I needed to pick up Mena from school.

I just hope she'll be all right.

On a more positive note, we finally have a good name for the company. I'll probably post it when we have the web sites nailed down.
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