May 17th, 2005


All Screwed Up

The desk is now completely assembled.  Well, the little wire hoop thingies haven't been put in, but they're relatively optional, anyway.

I managed to get the base complete before leaving for the show.  In fact, I was so involved that I didn't check the time, and was, again, late.  Rushed through a shower (As much as I rush through showers, which isn't much), zoomed off to timenchanter's, dropped off his laundry, then we took off to the show.  Got there around 7:55, which isn't good, but isn't too bad considering no-one was there.

I opened everything up while Timmie ordered pizza.  supersniffles and her sister walked in shortly after 8:00, so by the time I actually started (Around 8:15), we had four singers.

It proceeded to be an... interesting night.  While it certainly wasn't as empty as it has been in the past - after all, we only went 5 rotations - it still didn't have much of a cohesive energy.  Hard to describe - the night just felt kind of flat.  I had fun, other people obviously had fun, but it wasn't much of a party atmosphere.  Oh well.

cekyr0 and jeffercine came and stayed all night, which was great.  When they got there, I asked Alex if I should put Jefferson up.  After some discussion, we figured we could at least embarrass him.  Much to my surprise, he sang his first song, then proceeded to sing all the songs I gave him.  This was a very good thing.

valeriesparks and mr_seed came in, and brought a friend, who they proceeded to not introduce to me.  Harrumph!

Had a couple of new people - Jasmine had been in Sunday, and came back and stayed all night.  A girl named Nok and her date/boyfriend Ulysses sang several songs.

Still, closed up around 1:05 for lack of business.  Packed up, got Timmie's car keys (He decided to continue sleeping in his passenger seat), and drove Fawkes back to Timmie's apartment.  Then took my vehicle back here.

I had arranged things so I needed to complete the desk - all the pieces were laid out on my bed.  This has now been done.  I just need to power Black Mag down and move her into her new home, and clear all the other junk off "She"'s table, so I can eject it.  I'll probably wait until tomorrow for that.  Not that it would bother "She" - she was vacuuming shortly after I got home.  Hopefully didn't wake Mellie up...
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Bugs In The System

OK, so I understand my PC's been sitting on its own for a while. I understand they gather dust.

So I think "I should wipe it down and blow out the dust while I'm moving it".

What I didn't think was "I should clear out all the spiderwebs draping my motherboard".

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