May 15th, 2005



After I finally dragged myself over to timenchanter's place, I discovered he hadn't woken up yet.  That certainly lowered my level of guilt for a slow start...

After he got himself ready, we headed off to IKEA to look at some desks.  I always like to get a second opinion, and he had a definite good one about the workbench.  Though the level of trust inherent in "Glass-topped will prevent you from setting the house on fire" isn't all that good on the self-esteem.

He needn't worry.  The house is already obviously in some sort of state of grace.  Both bustymcboob and Robin were heavily into candle magic, and the fact that nothing caught fire can only be ascribed to supernatural intervention.  I remember accidentally interrupting something in Robin's room, and finding she had something like 25 lit candles sitting upright on a down comforter on her bed.  A truly panic-inspiring sight.

When we attempted to leave the store, we discovered that bringing two small cars is still no help when trying to transport a 55"x55" box.  At least not without a saw.  We tried contacting people, with no result, then I tried going to the next door Home Depot to rent a truck, only to discover I needed to buy a fair amount of merchandise before they'd let me have one.  In the end, we went for the $69 delivery option, so I won't get my stuff until Monday...

Since we were there, and so was Home Depot, we wandered over to look at flooring.  Looks like there's some affordable possibilities there - which may mean I can do better elsewhere.  Need to check Southern Lumber.

Of course, in all this, I managed to get myself late, and had to rush home to shower and change for dinner with my parents - this was to be the combined birthday party for my mother and I.  My parents and I went out to Emile's restaurant in downtown S.J.

Nice place, good food, impressive service.  Not what I would call excellent food - I've had better, cheaper.  But the two hovering waiters were both pretty damn good.  Either way, we had fun.  I did catch a look at the bill - that, at the least, was truly stupendous.

I was, of course, going to get more done, and Timmie was going to come over and do his laundry, etc, etc, etc.  But I fell asleep, and I assume so did he.  And that's where we sit, boys and girls - a truly Shakespearean story, in as much as it's "Much Ado About Nothing".
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