May 10th, 2005


Looking Up

Not the most productive day in the world, but it'll do - I still have people to call, forms to fill out (And now a "check coolant" light to look into on the car), but I'm OK with things.

Got my parents to their new car in Gilroy.  It's a new Honda Civic that would look <i>really</i> nice if it weren't gold.  Not only that, but I made it back exactly at the right time to pick up Mena from school.

Got a reasonable amount of sleep, so I'm not wavering in and out of consciousness for a change.  That alone probably explains the happier mood.  Well, probably that and having a hell of a lot of fun commenting back and forth with valeriesparks...

The show tonight was low-key, but very pleasant - even though the first rotation was only 4 people.  After an hour or so people started to file in.  sugarbare was bartending, which is always a kick, Valerie came and spent the evening, unbreak_able spent quite a few hours, swanhart spent another full evening (Without getting completely blasted, yet again), spawrhawk dropped by for a while, etc, etc, etc.

I think I made Debbie's night when she pulled "Come On Eileen" for me and I immediately said "Oh, shit!"

So that was all pretty nice.  Things are generally looking up.  My lawyer got back to me on the support adjustment, and explained the situation.  My laptop should be heading back my way shortly.  My birthday's Wednesday (Though I'll be celebrating it mostly at the show Thursday), and it's down to 20 days before Trudi moves out.  Need to reinforce that date with her soon...

Now all I need is to have someone dump a huge pile of money in my lap, and I'll be fine :-)
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More Fun With Acer

My laptop is apparently more-or-less on its way back. Acer has arranged for shipping with FedEx - they just haven't actually handed them the box yet. I also received this response to my earlier email:

Collapse )

I knew it was futile, but I couldn't help responding:

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Beware of geeks with too much time on their hands...
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