April 28th, 2005


A Real Bang-Up Job

At noon today, as I luxuriated in Alameda, I got a call from my mother.  She was having chest pains, and Kaiser wanted her to come in.

She's the one who normally drives, so I was elected.  I threw on some clothes and made it there in fairly reasonable time - about an hour.

Changed cars, since my dad's wheelchair fits in theirs, and started on down the road.

That was the good part.  I made it down past all the more dangerous parts of the trek, and was almost out of the cut after Lakeside school when I came around a turn to find a FedEx truck coming at me up the middle of the road.

I slowed down, swerved, and given how slick that portion of the road is, especially in the rain, stayed swerved independent of what I did to the tires.  I did my best to control things, but ended up with my parent's Civic in intimate contact with a telephone pole.

It could have been much worse.  I was doing at most 30 when I went into the skid, and hit the pole at maybe 20.  The airbags didn't even deploy.  Also, the telephone pole meant we didn't go over the 30' drop at the edge of the road, for which I am quite grateful.  Still, slow or not, the front of the car wrapped itself around the pole quite neatly - the license plate makes a perfect half-circle.

Now I had a dead car, a mother with chest pains and a sore neck, and a father with chest pains and a sore neck (My father has angina attacks pretty much whenever he gets stressed).

So I got to experience the whole "Get an ambulance, talk to the nice CHP, get a tow truck, get a friend to drive you to the hospital" thing.  cekyr0 came to my rescue on the drive part.  It also turned out the guy running the tow company is an old acquaintance of mine, which was cool.

timenchanter came over to the hospital after work, so we were building quite a little visiting committee for my parents.

After doing our best to cheer them up, not to mention figuring out what was happening (My mother's going to Kaiser Fremont, my dad's supposedly going to be released some year), Alex went home, and Timmy and I went back to the tow yard to get more items from the car - like my dad's wheelchair.  That took some time (The only guy with keys was out on a call), and then Timmy and I carted the stuff up to my parents' house, where I could reclaim my car.

So now I'm home, typing on my newly returned laptop, and about to finally take a shower for the day.  I should start before my dad calls to get picked up...

To top it off, I need to return the laptop - it boots now, but when they put the case together, they fucked up the CD drive and infrared port.  Oy vey.
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