April 26th, 2005


Elvis Has Left the Building

I spent most of the night following the last entry working on circuit layout, which is a good thing.  In fact, I was still going when timenchanter texted at about 8:00 and asked me to go to lunch with him and Gabe - both for the company, and for his bowling ball.

So I slept for a few hours, then had a nice lunch.  Went and picked up the mail (Still on dog hold until I know Llorona's gone on May 4th), then back to sleep for a bit.

And on to the Monday show!

Last night Brett had asked the bar to have the first hour (8:00 - 9:00) as a "Brett show", where his friends would put up a bunch of songs for him.  It was OK with them, so it was therefore OK with me...

I got there, late again, at 7:45 - no Brett.  I had everything ready to go by 8:15 - no Brett.  So we started doing suicide, and a little later Brett walked in, then some of his friends walked in, and I got a stack of Brett songs at about 8:45.  About an hour's worth.  So amidst a certain amount of grumbling (hollyk went home), I started feeding rapid-fire Elvis tunes to Brett, who was wearing the gayest Elvis costume I have ever seen in my life.

James told me to cut him off around 9:15, because people were grumbling (No, really?  Ya didn't think this would happen when you agreed to this?), but that seemed a little cold - he had his friends, he had his costume.  Eddie suggested I mix him in, which seemed like a great compromise, so I started doing 2 suicide, 1 Brett for about an hour.

And it ended up being a very pleasant night.  The rotation went up to about 15 at one point, and was still 8 when I closed at 1:20.  Among other things, cekyr0 got extremely wasted, which of course isn't quite a good thing - but Alex is the single most entertaining drunk I know.
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I'm Not Rich

I got a letter yesterday, telling me my old company (Polaris Networks) was being dissolved under chapter 11.  I suspect this means that the stock I bought is not exactly worth much.

I find I had no idea how much hope I had put in the company coming through, which is rather amusing.  I've periodically checked on them since they dumped me, and things were looking fairly good in February - they'd finally shipped product, had a sales contract with a medium-sized client, and were supposed to be in negotiations to be bought, which would have likely gotten me some profit on the stock expenditure.

But no.  Relaxed permanent retirement is apparently not for me.

I just need to decide if I want to go back to work (If I can find any), or find a convenient bridge to live under.  Compared to the life of an engineer, the latter has much going for it...
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