April 25th, 2005


Good Night

Just before leaving the house, Mena called me to say that Lajosh had just left "She".  Kinda sucks for her, but then, it also means one less tweaker in the house...

As I actually headed out the door, I noticed all the large rocks from the front yard had been dumped on the edge of the neighbor's concrete, and "She" was sitting on the front step looking pensive.  I said good night, mentioned something about the rocks, she said something about figuring out how to organize work on the yard, and I headed off.

Of course, when I got home tonight, the rocks were still there.  I'm probably going to have to move them myself.  Ah well.

The show tonight was, well, awesome.  Not a huge crowd, but enough to make it a party, and just, well, fun.  For at least an hour, large groups were dancing about every other song.

Also, the small crowd meant that people got to sing a reasonable number of songs.  Jenni actually stayed for most of the night, and I believe sang 6 songs.  Cindi came in after work as usual, and got 4.

I believe it was dancin_whitey that came up and talked about all the cute boys, so I pointed out all the cute girls.  We just decided it was quite a cute night.
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